5 Best Alternative Apps like Kik for Android 2018

If you ask me for one tech that redefined the entire human race, I can do nothing but cast my vote for the internet. It has brought knowledge, entertainment, and more than anything, our closed ones at our fingertips. With the help of the internet, you can even chat with strangers. Kik was one such platform, where you can chat with even a complete stranger, a teenager from the US, or a high school teacher from Italy. However, we can’t vouch for the authenticity of the platform anymore. Some evil minds have loaded it with tons of fake accounts. And maybe, that’s why here you are, looking for the best Kik alternative for Android.

We don’t recommend jumping into a platform where you can interact with (maybe, sext with) a complete stranger. Most of the times, you end up making a fool of yourself (way too many fake accounts are there, mind it!). So, I have taken slightly different routs to handpick some authorized apps similar to Kik here. When I was about to start writing this article, I went online to find a few similar articles. Sadly, they all have WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger on top, but I don’t think you need an article to know them. Here, I am avoiding those two so that you get to know another couple.


Best Alternative Apps Like Kik For Android 2018

1. BlackBerry Messenger

Maybe, you had witnessed the golden years of Blackberry. Back then, BlackBerry was the Porsche of mobile phones. It was a symbol of luxury and the company felicitated this thought by making the Blackberry Messenger exclusive to their own devices. Apparently, Android has taken over the smartphone field and Blackberry became obsolete. That’s how the company had to launch BBM for all the platforms.

BlackBerry Messenger – A Kik Alternative

You can consider BBM as a personalized social network. The best thing about it is you don’t have to share your phone numbers with anyone. Even when you chat, the person on the other end doesn’t get to know your cell number, but the BBM PIN only. You get almost all the features of WhatsApp on it. BBM allows you to send self-destructing messages, delete sent ones, share your location with a time limit, engage in a screenshot-free chat session, and what not!

The public feed can accommodate your pictures, videos, and GIFs. The once-trending BBM status option is still there. The surprising feature you get is the channels. You can subscribe to interesting ones and even make one for yourself.




BBM - Free Calls & Messages



Price: Free


2. Viber

When WhatsApp wasn’t popular and other instant messaging apps didn’t offer voice/ video calling, Viber found its place on every Android user’s phone. Most of the people couldn’t know the progress it made as the application went behind WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. That’s why I made it into the list of top applications you can use instead of Kik. Viber may not be the best one in terms of the number of people available on it. Nonetheless, it is on-par with any of your favorite messaging platforms.


Voice or video calling is present on almost every Android messaging apps available today. And yeah, Viber is one of the pioneers in this. A unique feature I could spot on this is the availability of instant video messages button. If you don’t want to place a video call, you can use this option to send a 30-seconds video. Releasing the button or getting past the given time-period instantly sends the video. What if you are afraid of sneakers peeking at your screen? Well, it is possible to hide certain chats from the main screen and access them later.




Viber Messenger


Viber Media S.à r.l.

Price: Free


3. Hike

You might have already heard of Hike. It is an Android messaging application of Indian origin, which can provide you with multiple services under a single roof. It has almost all the features of a typical messaging platform. You even get the in-app locker to hide all the private chats.


The main feature that makes Hike one of the best in the segment is the availability of a massive number of stickers (You get more than 20000 of them). You can browse news and check cricket scores too. If you are Indian and you can use UPI (Unified Payment Interface), it will let you send money as well. Using blue packets, you can send monetary sums as gifts in special occasions. Themes for the entire app and specific chats are also available.




hike messenger: Stickers, Hidden Chat, Timeline


Hike Private Limited

Price: Free4. LINE

LINE has accumulated over 500 million installations on Google Play. Once you start using it, you will find out why the big number. Let me introduce you to a few of its new features. We all are familiar with video calling. Still, group video call hasn’t made it to every messaging platform. If it’s something you care about, LINE deserves a place on your phone. And, you have a poll option for people whom you chat with, to know what they think of something you share.


LINE allows you to store images, videos, and messages in a safe vault called Keep and makes it convenient for you to share them from the same place. If you don’t mind spending a few cents, you can make international calls to people, not using LINE.




LINE: Gratis-Anrufe


LINE Corporation

Price: Free


5. WeChat

Last, and of course, not the least in our list of perfect alternatives to Kik messenger is WeChat. Like Facebook Messenger, you can use it as an all-in-one messaging platform for SMS and MMS. If meeting new people is what you are interested in, WeChat’s Friend Radar, People Nearby, and Shake features make it easy.


The groups in this platform can take a maximum of 500 participants. Moreover, you can call anyone in the globe by spending a few dimes. The application supports 20 languages and there is a desktop version as well.







Price: Free


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So, what do you think? I am not making any conclusions here. Your selection completely depends on your priorities and preferences. You got five Android apps like Kik here. Tell me which one you choose in the comment section below.

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